9 Easy Ways to Overcome Your Shyness

Those who have never had a problem with shyness will never understand how debilitating it can be, especially for someone in a professional or social situation. If your shyness is holding you back to get what you want, this article will help you to get past it and become more a more confident and better version of you.

Shyness can truly hold you back, hurt your social and personal and professional life because those who are shy usually do their best to avoid public situations and speaking up which can result in loosing something, someone or an opportunity.

If that’s you in every social situation, take comfort in knowing you are not alone because four out of 10 people consider themselves shy. But here’s the good news: Shyness can be overcome easily. With time, effort and true desire for a change, it’s possible to break through.

If your shyness is severe, you may need help from a therapist or counselor, but most people can overcome it on their own. Take your first steps in getting past your shyness with these 10 methods that I’ve used to improve my social anxiety and overcome shyness.

1. Shy individuals are smart.
If you’re not the “talker” in social situations, it’s usually because you prefer to “listen” more, so you’ll get as much as information you can from someone, so you’ll choose your words carefully. Focus on redirecting that smartness toward “more talking”. After all, when you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re always superior to others.

2. Don’t tell Anyone
There’s no need to talk about your shyness with other people. I’m sure those who are close to you already know, and others may never even have an opportunity to notice. Your shyness isn’t as visible as you think.

3. Avoid the shyness label.
Never label yourself as shy or as anything in general. Let yourself be defined as a unique person, not a single trait or category.

4. Don’t let other people call you shy.
If others bring up your shyness, keep your tone casual. If it becomes part of a discussion, speak of it lightheartedly and try to tell other people that you’re not shy at all.

5. Don’t be your own enemy.
We can be our own worst enemy in social situations. Don’t let your inner critic mind put you down. Instead, analyze the power of that voice and use it to your advantage.

6. Know your strengths.
Make a list of all your positive qualities and strengths. Then read or recite it when you’re feeling insecure or shy. Let them remind you how much you have to offer. (from URL)

7. Be careful in choosing friendships and relationships.
Shy indvidiuals tend to have less but deeper and longer friendships–which means your choice of friends or partner is extremely important. Spend time with people in your life who are responsive, warm, and encouraging.

8. Shut down your imagination.
In some cases shy people feel disapproval or rejection even when it isn’t there. A common example of that is talking to your crush or the person you’d like to connect. Remember that people like you much more than you give yourself credit for. After all, all shy people are likable.

9. List it.
Make a list of all the things you’re worried about in a social situation. Name them, study them, plan how you’re going to eliminate them, and move forward.