Welcome to my Shyness and Anxiety Blog!

I’ve been dealing with social anxiety as long as I remember but for the past 2 years, I’ve been able to deal with my anxiety using a couple of tricks and training and since I know how hard it can get, when dealing with anxiety and shyness, I decided to create this blog to share my tips, experience, and journey with the world.

overcoming shyness

In my blog, you’ll learn to overcome anxiety, tips for overcoming shyness, how to control anxiety, but more importantly, how to beat anxiety and shyness. I’m going post once a week and share awesome tips about overcoming shyness and anxiety so feel free to subscribe to my blog, bookmark it and make sure to come back for more posts.

About myself, I’m Jeniffer, 27 years old from Dallas, Texas. I’m a big fan of sitcom comedies and used to spend a lot of time on TV shows (not anymore). I’ve always been an introvert person and this is my journey of becoming a more social and likable man around my friends and family.

I’ve always envied social people around me and I’ve worked hard to be like them. Unfortunately, being social and not social isn’t something that you turn on and off, so the best way to achieve it and get over anxiety is by training. You have to get out of your comfort zone, say hello to strangers, chat about things that you think they don’t care to get their attention.

In my blog, I’ll be teaching everything I’ve learned in my journey of overcoming shyness with you and I hope, it can help you too! Make sure to read my latest post about social anxiety and shyness here.